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Eye care professional, do you want to renew your optical machines? We need your old equipment!

To achieve our optical and surgical campaigns (cataract) in disadvantaged rural areas, we have a great need for optical and ophthalmic machines and equipment. Since 2005, we have used a caravan turned into a moving optical unit, whose equipment, now obsolete, should be renewed. Whether you are an eye care equipment supplier, professional or individual, you can help us.

Our urgent needs:

  • several eye charts
  • lensmeter
  • optical centering machine
  • Semi-automatic optical grinder
  • pupilometer
  • autorefractometer
  • Any other optical ophthalmologic equipment


Do not hesitate to contact us at: info@fondation-althea.org




As part of our section “Education for all”, we open pre-school classes in rural areas for the benefit of disadvantaged children. These classes welcome children of 3 to 6 years old with no access to urban kindergartens, which are too distant from their villages and financially inaccessible. Giving a child a chance to attend preschool not only to gives him a better chance of educational success, but it is also frees time for his mother and thus, enables her to devote that time to training / to an economic activity.


To equip our preschools we need:DSC01640


  • educational games
  • books
  • furniture