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Banque Cantonale Vaudoise

Compte : N° Z 5042.90.83 clearing : 767

IBAN: CH5600767000Z50429083

CCP : 17-677080-6

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Althea Suisse
Av. de Lavaux 54
Case postale 187
1009 Pully


Althea France
47, Grande Rue
39 200 Sant-Claude


Althea Maroc
4, Rue de la Bastille, Racine
20100 Casablanca 


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Morocco: Al Barid Bank

IBAN : MA64 350 810 0000000006455581 62


Switzerland: Banque Cantonale Vaudoise,

Compte : N° Z 5042.90.83 clearing : 767

IBAN: CH5600767000Z50429083 - CCP : 17-677080-6

Why help us? Even from a distance, you can make a difference: Today, with a donation of only 50 CHF, you can give sight to someone with cataracts.

Each of us does not necessarily have time to move or give direct help on the field. This does not mean you cannot participate in the change. Quite the contrary.

By supporting the Althea Foundation, you directly participate in the fight against vision disorders, against blindness and against diseases related to poor oral hygiene in the most disadvantaged areas of Morocco and other African countries. You help save the sight of hundreds of people every year who otherwise would not have access to basic eye care.

By supporting us, you help provide equal access to education for males and females, and you allow young children access to pre-school in areas where such education does not exist.


The Althea Foundation is looking for long term partners, willing to provide annual support. But we can also build with you a personalized partnership that meets both your expectations in terms of social responsibility of business, and our areas of intervention, through the organization and financing of a specific action.



Organize a race / a challenge / an internal event for your employees, suppliers, or customers in favor of Althea Morocco. With a solidarity operation like “shared value”, differentiate yourself from the competition and collect funds by donating to Althea Morocco a percentage of the sale price of one of your products or services!



Support the Althea Foundation through the donation of equipment and materials. We always have a need for optical equipment (glasses, frames), ophthalmologic materials (consumables, intraocular lenses, eye drops) and dental, and preschool supplies. Donations or loans for means of travel or accommodation or other material assistance necessary for the functioning of the activities of the Althea Foundation are always welcomed.


Verify your donation’s destination

Financial transparency is one of the fundamental values ​​of the Althea Foundation. Every donor can thus check the use and destination of his donations.

We remind you that:

  • The Althea Foundation is financially independent, nonprofit, noncommercial, and apolitical.
  • The Althea Foundation refuses to endorse any commercial initiative whose activities would be incompatible with our goals.
  • The Althea Foundation is subject to review by the Federal Authority of Foundations Surveillance (l’Autorité fédérale de surveillance des fondations)operated by the Swiss Department of the Interior.
  • Accounting records will be provided to anyone who requests them.
  • The accounts of the Foundation are reviewed by the fiduciary Leitenberg in La Chaux-de-Fonds.
  • Access to donor files is strictly limited to persons authorized for this purpose, which guarantee confidentiality.