Recognizing that oral health is essential to the general health and quality of life of every individual, the Althea Foundation decided in 2008 to expand its interventions to dental care.

Now, the Althea Foundation organizes campaigns of awareness on oral hygiene and dental care in disadvantaged areas of Morocco. Dental campaigns were already conducted in the provinces of Figuig, Missour-Boulmane, Errachidia, Midelt, Khouribga and Fkih Ben Saleh. These actions are achieved through cooperation with the Ministry of Health of Morocco and the commitment of volunteer dentists.


“Tooth decay affects 72% of children under 12 in Morocco and 95% of adults under 35.” – Moroccan Ministry of Health, 2013


During our campaigns, children benefit from:

  •  awareness sessions on the importance of oral/dental hygiene
  • distribution of dental hygiene kits offered by Colgate
  • dental services performed on-site by volunteer dentists, thanks to the equipment made available by the Ministry of Health


“The loss of teeth and other diseases and disorders limit the ability to bite, chew, smile and talk to a person and therefore limit its psychosocial well-being.” – World Health Organization