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The Althea Foundation, in partnership with the Ministry of Health of Morocco, conducted an ophthalmological and dental awareness campaign from October 5th-7th, 2015 in the province of Figuig. In the municipalities of Abu Lkhal and Figuig, 1271 primary school children of  were screened and 161 equipped with corrective glasses.

The main objective of this campaign was to follow children whose sight was corrected during medical campaigns previously conducted by the OCP Foundation in 2014: in fact, regular ophthalmologic monitoring is necessary for children suffering visual impairment and to enable them to continue their education in good conditions. Even today, many children in rural areas leave school for reasons of poor eye health.

After the refraction exam, the children pick their future glasses frames, which will be made in the following days to be distributed free to children with the help of the delegations of Health and Education Figuig. Oral health education sessions were also offered to 1271 children and oral hygiene kits (toothpaste and toothbrush) were distributed.

This work was made possible thanks to the quality work and commitment of a dedicated team of: two resident ophthalmologists from the ophthalmology department at CHU Ibn Rushd of Casablanca; five opticians from Rabat, Meknes and Bouarfa; a team member Colgate Morocco; a dentist in the province of Figuig and a doctor of the School Health Division.

As a reminder, according to the WHO’s Vision 2020 program, uncorrected refractive disorders are the first cause of visual impairment in the world and remains the easiest to avoid. In less than 15 years, 19 million children will present a visual impairment and of these, 12 million have a disability due to refractive errors.

Furthermore, the WHO says that globally, between 60% to 90% of school children have caries; a significantly higher rate in rural areas and among the poor and disadvantaged.

We salute:

  • The dedication of volunteer ophthalmologists, opticians and dentists; their expertise, commitment and good humor
  • The collaboration of the Department of School and University Health and the Ministry of Health, which has supported the aspect of “oral hygiene awareness” in collaboration with its partner Colgate
  • The cooperation and assistance of members of the delegation of Health for the province of Figuig, who performed the majority of the pre-screening of children and provided significant material support during the campaign
  • The availability, patience and flexibility of our drivers throughout the campaign :)