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Charter of the Althea Foundation


In the execution of all our activities, we with the Althea Foundation respect a set of principles and an approach ​​defined below.


Our Principles

  • Health Care With a Mission – Providing ophthalmological care which aims to contribute to the improvement of social justice and the reduction of poverty
  • Inclusion – Following the precept that any person, regardless of nationality, gender or religion is entitled to a minimum standard of living
  • Communication – Responding to requests from beneficiaries and engaging in an ongoing dialogue with our local partners
  • Prioritization – Placing the needs of local people first and ensuring that our actions are directed exclusively to serve their interests


Our Approach

  • Tried & True – Implementing a professional approach based on proven methods (monitoring and evaluation of the implementation of projects)
  • Sustainable – Improving local capacities based on existing structures, knowledge and skills
  • Transferable - Creating situations for people to improve their conditions, by the transfer of skills and the recognition of their own identity and resources
  • Mutual – Establishing a reciprocal learning process between partners in the North and South
  • Mindful – Committing particular attention to disadvantaged groups (children, women and other groups at risk)
  • Academic – Recognizing education as a key to development and a mean to fight blindness (the risk of blindness is three times higher in the case of non-attendance at school)
  • Equal - Giving girls access to the same opportunities to education as boys
  • Aware – Committing to partnership and acknowledging that the Althea Foundation is only one of many actors of cooperation and development


Our Funding

  • We are committed to the best use of our funds and respect their destinations in agreement with our donors.
  • The Althea Foundation is financially independent, nonprofit, noncommercial, and apolitical.
  • The Althea Foundation refuses to endorse any commercial initiative whose activities are incompatible with our goals.
  • Accounting records will be provided to anyone who requests them.
  • The Althea Foundation is subject to review by the Federal Authority of Foundations Surveillance (l’Autorité fédérale de surveillance des fondations)operated by the Swiss Department of the Interior.
  • The accounts of the Foundation are reviewed by the fiduciary Leitenberg in La Chaux-de-Fonds.