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The Althea Foundation continues its activities in Morocco dedicated to vision for all through a new optical campaign conducted from March 29 to 31 in the communes of Sifa, Tinejdad (Errachidia province) and Tarmight (Ouarzazate province).

A team of four volunteer orthoptists and three members of Althea Morocco traversed the provinces of Errachidia and Ouarzazate to equip primary school students with free glasses. Prior to the campaign, nurses in the targeted schools conducted a pre-screening. Of the 2,743 children who were screened using visual acuity charts, 402 were selected for further examination. By the end, 168 primary school children received free eyeglasses.

During this campaign, we noted a larger number of strong myopia and amblyopia compared to elsewhere. This was perhaps a consequence of particularly high sun exposure. A cataract was also detected in a young girl.

Additionally, children of the commune of Tarmight (518 children) received dental screening and those in need received the appropriate care.

This campaign was organized as part of an agreement between Althea and the Ministry of Health and in partnership with the OCP Foundation. The association AFDAF Tinejdad also provided significant support in the organization and logistics for our stop in Tnejdad. A huge thank you to them!